Thursday, October 3, 2013


To cap off a busy day, I happened to catch a set of music performed by a quartet of musicians led by Richard Whiteman.    Richard Whiteman for many listeners is known as a fine pianist, composer, accompanist and educator.   Recently, Richard Whiteman has been picking up his second instrument, the acoustic bass, and to my surprise he executes swing, groove and time very well with the instrument.   It also helps to have a backing band consisting of pianist Amanda Tosoff, saxophonist Mike Murley, and drummer extraordinaire Morgan Childs add to the swinging festivities.

The program consisted of tried tested and true standards, with one obscurity that opened the night in courtesy of Bud Powell’s “Down With It”.   It was bebop that was full of life and energy, with swinging solos throughout by Murley and Tosoff.    Richard Whiteman even is effective when playing the melody line of “Come Rain or Come Shine”, showcasing his melodic sensitivity of the instrument and driving the groove from start to finish.

Overall, first class jazz from first class musicians at its best.

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