Wednesday, October 9, 2013


During a business meeting with a friend of mine, I had the pleasure of dining from the Dirty Burger and the Chicken Shop menu provided at the Soho House.   On Tuesdays from 4 pm till close, you can get great deals on the food, ranging from their signature burgers, chicken, sides such as fries, roast corn and coleslaw, and deserts such as apple cobbler, brownies, and sundaes.

Dirty Burger and the Chicken Shop is a London UK based chain in which is now owned by the Soho House.   It is considered to be a high end version of McDonald’s and Burger King, and judging by the quality of the food, it is ten-times better than what you would expect from big name chains.

For $4 each I had a Quarter Chicken with Fries, totaling $8.     The quarter chicken was nice, moist, tender and juicy, and the dipping sauce that came with the chicken complemented the taste very well.     The fries were very crispy, tasty, and mouth watering, making me crave for more.    Even the portion sizes were well controlled, making you feel satisfied without feeling too full.

The service that I got at the Soho House was nothing short of sensational.   They referred me by their first name, treated me like a prince, and made me feel like I was a part of family.     If I had the money (Soho House is through membership), I would be a regular.     What even heightened my experience in the Soho House was the background piano music that set the tone for the evening, making it relaxing and soothing for all who are in attendance.

Overall, great food, great service, and great vibes from start to finish.

192 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, On, M5H 0A4

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