Monday, October 14, 2013


Frosh week.      The week of orientation for new university students to a new world of education and the chance to become somebody in a complex world.    The orientation may involve settling in a new dorm, figuring out what is outlined in your courses, or in many cases, being engaged in fun yet sometimes risqué activities.

One frosh week made the headlines across the country but for the wrong reasons.   At St. Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, first year students were being engaged in a chant encouraging rape among young women.    In my opinion, it is the most basest and vile means of degrading women as sex objects and basically encouraging the fact that rape is normal, acceptable, and A-OK.    

Out of all this, I was intrigued by the actions of a St. Mary’s Alumnus named Daren Miller who probably did the most bravest, principled action that signaled good ethics and moral backbone.   He travelled all the way from Calgary to Halifax to return back his degree papers and removed his degree from his resume as a means to distance himself from a university encouraging such behavior.  

As a believer in the Judeo-Christian faith, I am compelled to speak up, take a stand for, and promote causes that reflect true moral standards that shape and benefit society.    What Darin Miller did was exemplary of such an act that people could learn from.    His very act showed principle, courage and true content of character, more than what a piece of paper can provide.

What do you value in life?    What do you hold dear?    What is the one thing that you prize in?    What do you stand for?   What do you value in life?   Are you willing to take a stand for issues that could bring about change to society? Darin Miller certainly took a first step.     What about you?

By Conrad Gayle

Below:   Video of the controversial chant (WARNING:  Contains mature subject matter)

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