Saturday, October 19, 2013


Apparently there is a recent motion being put in place to modify the lyrics of O Canada to make it politically correct and accommodating to women.   People like George Stromboulopoulos are advocating this change, whereas myself feels that political correctness and feminism is just going way too far and over emotional over something that has been tried, tested and true for over a century.

In O Canada, feminists and the politically correct Gestapo want to change “In All Thy Sons Command” since it feels it is sexist and doesn’t represent women at all in the Canadian anthem.    To them, I want to say to them point blank: WHO CARES?   Why tamper with an iconic anthem in which until now has had no problem with that line?    If you change it now to appease these folks, it will seem awkward and loses its historic aestheticism.   

As a composer of music, I take great pride and also take cautious measures to ensure the artistic integrity of ones work for all who are willing to hear.   Music shouldn’t be tampered or changed in order to appease a small fraction of those who cry discriminatory if it doesn’t acknowledge their sex.    For these people, it is lame, useless and just plain silly and I feel they should just shut their mouths up and leave the anthem alone.  

To close, I will forever and proudly sing the national anthem with the line “with all thy son’s command”, cause it is historically significant, musically aesthetic, and proudly defines who we are as a Canadian people.

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