Saturday, June 13, 2015


It is a real treat to go out on a Saturday afternoon and catch the cool sounds of jazz from some of the top talented jazz musicians in our country.   This time around it is the tight yet criminally underrated Perry White with a support team consisting of guitarist Rob Piltch, bassist Neil Swainson, and drummer Davide Di Renzo kicking in the reins.

From the start of their take on Rogers and Hart’s classic standard “I Could Write A Book”, the vibe created by the quartet resembled the early 60’s period of Sonny Rollins being pared with Jim Hall.   Perry’s tone was cool, relaxed, inventive and non abrasive; Rob’s guitar had a cool edge that didn’t need any reverb highlights to accentuate the points, and the rhythm section of Neil and Davide put a light touch to the entire performance.

Things shifted through a Neil Swainson blues number called “Cobourg”, which swings like mad and is full of pop and pizzazz.   “Yesterdays” was a very pensive piece that swings hard and strong and brings emotions into full reign.    The closing piece of the set, Chick Corea’s “Bud Powell” was a playful excursion into bebop but with modern edges and melodic/harmonic twists and turns.

It was a pleasant and beautiful day to spend a great day of jazz with a drink and some friends in the heart of Yorkville.

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