Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Dear Josh,

I bid you greetings, peace and joy in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

First off, I just want to be the one to say thanks for your honesty, boldness, courage, and the tact to admit of your sin and seeking the steps necessary to achieve forgiveness, redemption and restitution.   You are a living example to what the gospel message ought to be, if everyone acknowledges the content and the meaning that has the ability to transform lives.

From what I gather about you Josh, you are a person that is full of vision, integrity, and has a cause worth fighting and standing for.    At the same time, despite a scandal that has rocked your family, you didn’t deny, lie or back down in the face of accusation or opposition.   You took charge, you faced that Goliath hands down, and I must say that because of this you have the markings of a REAL godly man.

I was criticized for taking the road less travelled and Biblically received you as a Christian back to fellowship and in God’s good standing after your ordeal.   Again, what you and your family went through is NOT a race issue.   It is simply an issue about one’s integrity and character and from how you handled it, you passed with flying colours.

Now may the God of peace be with you, time and time again,

Conrad Gayle.

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