Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Concerning the buzz of a YouTube parody video of Kanye West’s “Bound 2”, I decided to take a gander since it featured one of my favourite actors, James Franco, with his partner in crime, Seth Rogen.    Two of the sweetest Jewish actors doing a parody video.

After watching 4:30 of the video, it all went from being excited to most downright disgusted.    Basically it is soft-core gay porn at its corniest and worst.   James Franco is a fine actor and a smart person, but with his appearance being stoned on the Oscars, playing a black thug with shiny teeth in “Spring Breakers”, and claiming he masturbates, I am actually having second thoughts if this guy is completely heterosexual and sane.    For Seth Rogen, he is a smart, funny guy but I would never recommend a career (or condone) in the porn industry, cause who wants to see that hair.

Nuff said.   View at your discretion.

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