Sunday, March 16, 2014


I had the pleasure one Friday night checking out the premiere of a new Canadian movie called “The Husband”.  

Shot in Toronto, this is a soul searching, harrowing drama about a man who has a lousy job and is coming to terms with the fact that he has to take care of his infant son.   He has to do this because his wife is in jail for cheating on him with a minor.   This incident and the film shows the anger, the rage, and the pain that he goes through trying to process what has happened, and even going into great lengths trying to find out answers to some of the toughest questions.

Actor Maxwell McCabe Lokos turns in a very exceptional performance playing the role of the beleaguered husband.   Although the movie gets slow going at first, it really starts to pick up the pace and accelerate in the second half.    McCabe Lokos’ acting and writing shows a maturity and a vulnerability that is fresh and appealing in a film like this, conveying hard emotions and the fact that marriage can be a messy thing that needs a lot of work.

Bruce McDonald is a fine director who tells the story very well and has juxtaposed the elements of domestic drama, soap opera, and stalker suspense story into one clever picture.

One of the finest Canadian produced films of the year thus far.


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