Tuesday, March 11, 2014


On an early spring day in March 1, 1994, a teenaged woman named Patti Mallette gave birth to a promising young man named Justin Bieber.   The father was also a teenager, named Jeremy Bieber.   Despite cries from people to abort an unwanted pregnancy, Patti decided to go ahead with it and ensure that Justin Bieber has lead a great life.

Throughout his childhood, Justin Bieber developed a flair for the arts by playing instruments such as drums, trumpet and piano, and even has a knack of singing songs by his favourite black R&B artists.    Through it all, Patti reared him in the church and instilled Christian principles that would ground him in the beginning stages of his life.

Enter the new thing to come in the 21st century which changes everything, YouTube.   Justin starts posting videos of himself singing worship and cover songs, and all of a sudden gets the attention of a black R&B superstar named Usher and a Jewish producer named Scooter Braun.   At the age of 14, that’s when everything started.

Now Justin, a sweet little virgin boy next door, became an overnight sensation, singing his brand of pop and R&B to screaming girls across the world.   By the time he was 20, he released 6 recordings, sold 15 million albums, 40 million Twitter followers, the second most viewed video on YouTube and has over $55 million dollars in the bank.

All of a sudden, he behaves like a diva, treats his fans with contempt, has criminal records in three countries and he is being surrounded by enablers instead of encouragers in his life.    What’s even sadder is that throughout this process, his parents are tongue tied to rear him on the straight and narrow.   Justin’s father is acting like a best bud instead of a father figure (I’m 33 and I wouldn’t be caught dead getting away with the stuff Justin is getting away with in my father’s presence) and his mother must be praying fervently for a turnaround since she is a woman of faith.

I just hope and pray that Justin turns around and sees the Lord Jesus Christ before all is too late.    It just comes to show that fame and fortune has a price tag, and unless handled well, it is too big a game to gamble on.

Just my two cents worth on the pop star phenomenon, and fellow Canadian icon.

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