Saturday, March 22, 2014


If you are ever in Kensington Market and looking for a good place to indulge in some comforting food for lunch, head down to Fresco’s Cuisine Inc. to have a sampling of great pub fare such as poutine, chicken wings, and of course, fish and chips.

Having the usual wide selection of halibut, cod, haddock, salmon and crab cakes, I decided to opt for the Haddock combo which includes fries, tartar sauce, and a side of coleslaw.   The fish was battered in an extra crispy batter made with Miss Vicki’s Sea Salt potato chips.   Overall, it was an innovative, fresh, and very tasty take on the usual battered fish and chips, and because of that alone the fish rewards repeated helpings (but not too much).    The fries are fresh, well cut, and always never frozen, the coleslaw was crispy, lightly dressed, and complimented the meal very exceptionally, and the tartar sauce was well homemade, tart, and very plentiful to complement the fish.   To wash it all down I has an Orange San Pellegrino which really gave the meal a nice accompaniment for its tantalizing flavours.

Among the great fish and chips places in the city I must say that due to their extra crispy innovations, Fresco’s fish and chips is one of the best places to go for fish and chips in the city.   The price, albeit pricy, is worth it for high quality, high caliber comfort food and the ambiance of Beatles posters adds to the trendiness of being in Kensington Market.

213 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 2L4


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