Friday, June 8, 2012

WVRST - A Sausage Emporium

On the start of Euro 2012 on a Friday afternoon, I decided to have a lunch stop at a cool restaurant called WVRST.

WVRST is positioned to be a modern, hip restaurant offering the best in sausages, fries, and beer.    What intrigued me to this restaurant is that I love sausages, but they are all made of pork, which I no longer eat due to biblical reasons.   WVRST happens to have a diverse selection of sausages made from not only pork, but also beef, lamb, chicken, vegetarian and even game meats like duck, venison, and even kangaroo (!) meats.

The way this restaurant works is that you start off with a choice of how you want your sausage sandwich to be styled.    You can choose the currywurst option, which is served with country bread and a tomato curry sauce, or the straight toasted bun option, which is a bakery fresh roll that complements the sausage well.   On the toasted bun, you can choose two toppings, ranged from sweet sautéed onions, sauerkraut, sautéed jalapenos and sweet peppers.

I decided to have the traditional “Merguez” sausage ($6), which is a sausage made from lamb and harissa.   I took the country bun option and I have it topped with onions and sweet peppers.   It was very delicious, tantalizing, well seasoned, and a great alternative option to the usual pork sausage.    Along with the sausage I paired it with their duck-fat fries ($4.50), which was crispy, scrumptious, and delicious rolled up in one neat package.   The meal was very satisfying and it makes me want to come back for more.

If you are craving sausages and is willing to go for a culinary adventure, WVRST is the place to be.  Great food, great service, and good times.

609 King Street West (King/Bathurst)
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 1M5

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