Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Last year, I used my Groupon to have a wonderful dinner at the Brownstone Bistro.    I did a review on my earlier blog and was kept up to date on the goings on by the owner of the restaurant, Mark Yacoub.

(Mark Yacoub and Myself)

(Mark Yacoub and Jonathan)

Since that review, Brownstone Bistro has gone through some major changes.   One of these changes was that they signed on as part of TV’s Restaurant Makeover to do a complete renovation of the restaurant from head to toe.   Another change was they got a new head chef and along with it a fresh new menu.

I decided to attend the new menu-unveiling event and I was really impressed by the quality of the food that was served, and the exotic tastes that come with such classy dishes.     Instead of the old Mediterranean menu that was their staple for many years, the cuisine was contemporary fusion at it’s finest.

Among the highlighted dishes I tried were the mini seared paprika beef served with a mushroom salsa.   It was well seasoned, the flavours were tantalizing and the meat was juicy and tender.    The Grilled Chicken tenders were a hit as well, drizzled with a butter chicken sauce, served with mango salsa, and topped on a piece of naan bread with coriander.   It was a great, original take on butter chicken, which is especially healthier since the chicken wasn’t drowned in high-fat butter chicken sauce but the sauce was used to give the dish some flavour.

The hits keep on coming when it came to the seafood dishes.    The cured salmon Caesar salad with topped potato crisps was an excellent remix on the typical Caesar salad dish.    Instead of usual croutons, bacon and the optional chicken, it is really inventive when salmon and potato crisps are used along with romaine lettuce and Caesar dressing.   Salmon also appeared in the menu with a miso maple glaze, topped with an apple and fennel slaw.   The dish was very fresh, invigorating and the flavours were bold and highlighted very well.   My favourite dish however, had to be hands down the mini Indian Fish and Chips.   I LOVE fish and chips, and this take on a classic pub staple is no exception.   It was one of the fun dishes that I tried, and I hope that this will be a menu staple for years to come.   It was so good I wanted another one but was told kindly by the waitress to let others have first and if they are leftovers, then I can have.   It was a great dish that signified celebration and good times throughout.

If you decide to go to Brownstone Bistro in the near future, give one of these dishes a try.   You will be glad you did, taking your culinary senses into new and exciting heights.

603 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario
M4Y 1Z5

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