Saturday, August 30, 2014


Over the past week I have encountered some good, reasonably priced places to score a good bite while at a same time not sacrificing flavour, quality, and poise.

On Monday I had the lunch special at Sakura in North York where for $7.95 I had a bento box of tempura, bulgogi, salad, rice, and sushi along with miso soup and little appetizers.   

On Wednesday I had a hearty lunch at Su&Shi Noodle Bar (located at Dine on 3 at Yorkdale, ) where I had an appetizing and mouthwatering serving of three crispy chicken spring rolls, and a plate of grilled chicken thigh with rice.   In addition to the chicken and the rice, I was delighted by the vegetable medley that was served, along with alfalfa sprouts.   And at $4.99 for the spring rolls and $10.99 for the meal, it was a great deal to people to eat a well-balanced yet exotic meal.

For coffee hour I went to my favourite coffee shop Second Cup and in addition to chai tea ($2), I had a rich and delicious slice of carrot and walnut cake with a thick layer of sugar icing ($2.75).

One of the highlights of Wednesday evening was accompanying friends to the latest poutinerie called “Poutineville” ( where they specialize in Quebec’s national dish, poutine.    I had the custom version where for $13.95; I selected chicken, Brie, mushrooms and white wine sauce on shoestring fries.   This poutinerie is a new classy way of transforming an iconic Quebec staple to haute cuisine for the 21st century foodie.    The custom poutine was so good; I would give it an enthusiastic two thumbs up.

Thursday I had the $6.95 Sushi Lunch special of Grilled Salmon Maki and Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Maki that was succulent and flavourful at the same time at New Generation Sushi at the Annex.    Later on I was treated to a light dinner by having a $4.50 crispy Spring Roll at Urban House while I was networking among the filmmaking community in Toronto.

Friday I had a succulent hamburger combo at the South St. Burger Company ( where I had a simple 4oz burger complete with fries and a drink for $.8.95.   To cap off the day, I had vegetarian dumplings at a Chinese vegetarian restaurant called “Kings CafĂ©” ( , where for $5.99 I had a sampling of exotic, new Asian cooking meant to cater to those that are on both meatless and healthful diets.   At low prices, vegans, vegetarians and even meat lovers can find something to like in this establishment.

Who says its impossible finding good eats on the cheap these days?

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