Thursday, May 9, 2013

CHRISTCORE: The Documentary

On a nice spring evening, I decided to go see a provocative new movie that takes a look at an exciting and growing subculture.   The film:  ChristCore.

The main premise of the film is a documentary in which director Justin Ludwig follows two hardcore bands (Messenger and Sleeping Giant) throughout America profiling their music and lifestyle.  What is so amazing is that the director himself is an atheist hardcore artist, whereas the subjects profiled in the film are church going Christians with an undeniable edge.

Being a born-again Christian myself, we have seen the Christian church and its artistic expressions of faith evolve from Gregorian Chant, Bach Chorales, soul gospel, country gospel, and contemporary Christian/Jesus people music.     What astonished me is that although hardcore music is not my bag (although it makes for intriguing listening), we are seeing Christian music continuing to evolve to new expressions and dimensions of faith.   

What is also astonishing about the profiles of Messenger and Sleeping Giant is that these men wear tattoos, jeans, t-shirts, dance in mosh pits, and when the music dies down give a sermon and calls for prayer and healing.    Young kids in droves are being drawn to this faith, probably many more than what Billy Graham could have reached during his lifetime.

As a Christian, I am open to new and exciting forms of faith expression.   For me I want to express my faith through the cool complexity of jazz music.   Messenger and Sleeping Giant choose their aggressive approach to speak to a generation of disenfranchised youth.    What’s even more amazing is that they do not even do this for fame, fortune or money.   They do it for the love of God and for the love of the people.

To close with this, at the end of the film, director Justin Ludwig still stands firm that although he is impressed with the level of community and the great movement of Christian hardcore music in America, he still is not convinced that there is a God.   My hope and prayer is that one day Justin Ludwig will come to a living and dynamic faith that is more exhilarating and dynamic than being high on ecstasy.

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