Monday, November 5, 2012


In Yorkdale’s new Dine on 3, I decided to have lunch at one of their food court offerings, the Japanese restaurant Su and Shi.

Su and Shi offers the best in sushi, teriyaki, sashimi and other festive delights, meant to tantalize the taste buds and awake the senses with every dish.  

For lunch, at a good deal I decided to have the Chicken Bento Box special ($12.99), which is a special combo that consists of grilled teriyaki chicken, tempura vegetables, salad, and California rolls.     The chicken was well cooked to perfection and retained its juiciness throughout the dish.   The tempura was crispy, hearty, and complimented the chicken very well.    The California rolls are executed perfectly, looking fresh and tantalizing.   The salad cleansed the palate with a nice light dressing and complimented the full meal very well.     The portions were very generous and I was really satisfied on what was presented on the plate.

Craving for more of a sushi experience, I ordered the sushi pizza appetizer ($7.99), which was three types of seafood on a bed of a fried rice cake topped with a nice sauce and other fixings.   The portions of the sushi pizza pieces are very hearty and satisfying.

If you are craving some good Japanese food while on your shopping trip, Su and Shi is the definite place to go for all of your sushi and teriyaki needs.   

Dine on 3, Yorkdale Mall
3401 Dufferin Street, Toronto, ON, CANADA M6A 2T9

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