Wednesday, October 17, 2012


In search of an exotic, healthy meal without breaking the bank, I decided to head over to one of my favourite haunts for Indian Cuisine, Veda Indian Takeout.

Veda, in Sanskrit language, means knowledge in English.  In turn, this indian takeout strives to provide healthy living through knowledge of the body, mind and spirit through healthy, hearty preparation of such fine Indian cuisine.    In terms of health, they have vegan options, meat is 100% Halal, 100% is free of nuts and all of the curries are gluten free.

To get a full spectrum of what to expect at Veda, for $10 (tax included), I got the Tiffin Talli deal, which consisted of a choice of rice, a choice of vegetable, and a choice of meat served with naan bread, salad and a drink.   For $10 you can’t go wrong getting healthy Indian food cooked in the highest order.

For my Tiffin Talli treat, I had Vegetable Basmati Rice, Butter Chicken, and Vegetable Curry along with whole wheat naan and salad.   The rice was full bodied and was not mushy at all (which I appreciate), and it was colourful to look at with all of the vegetables and unique yellow colour that accents the rice.    The Butter Chicken had a very spicy kick and maintained its juiciness and flavour through the meal.   The Vegetable Curry was also well seasoned, spicy, and had great accents throughout the dish.

If you are craving Indian Food but does not want to break the bank or your waist, Veda Indian Takeout is your surefire bet for excellent cuisine at prices that don’t hurt your wallet.  


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