Monday, December 21, 2015


Nestled in the heart of the Junction in West Toronto is a live venue that features genre-bending jazz and live music on certain nights of the week called La Revolucion.   The band happened to be led by Justin Haynes called “This Tranquil Life”.

In this particular form, there is Justin Haynes and Ryan Marshall Driver alternating on keyboards and acoustic piano, with a custom rhythm section of electric bassist Michael Overton and drummer Evan Cartwright.  

The music throughout this set was a blend of free improvisation; inside out takes on standards, and vocal numbers with the luscious, sexy and dreamy voice of Ryan Marshall Driver.   Among the repertoire, the standard “It Could Happen To You” was taken in an inside/outside direction where free playing, in-the-pocket grooves and a mellow esthetic has enveloped in the explorations of this quartet.    The same has been treated on the standard “This is Always”, taken in a straight ahead piano trio style.     Undecided, transforms the swing piece into a spritely bebop number that plays with the conventions and takes the piece into new territories and exciting adventures for the listener and musician alike.

By luck of the draw, I also was treated to a nice helping of Tacos, which was served three ways:  grilled chicken, grilled steak, and mixed bell peppers.   It was a nice and refreshing dish that accompanied my enjoyment of the evening well, and I appreciated the courtesy of the wait staff for extending their warm hospitality and offering to provide a nice meal in exchange for reviewing the food and the show.   The food is excellent and I really can’t wait to try more of their Mexican/Latin offerings provided at La Revolucion.

Overall, a delicious and an inspiring night of music from a great yet underground jazz group.

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